Senior School visit to Sky Studios

Back in May, our senior students visited Sky Academy Studios in Osterley with Dr. Alexandrov.

A few weeks before the visit, students were presented with a challenge –to come to the visit with a “Big Idea” –an innovation, which would help solve real-life problems or simply improve people’s lives.
Students were very enthusiastic. Dr.Alexandrovreceived more than forty pioneering ideas, of which four were marked by ‘experts’, as interesting and two were shortlisted:

The Propagation of Stem Cells (by Emilia)
The Global TV Network (by a student, who did not reveal his/her identity).
Our seniors did not just visit Sky Studios for a regular tour. They were given a unique opportunity to visualise their ideas and to create a promotional video for them.
The group was split to four teams, and each student was given a specific role –from Project Manager to Camera Operator. Leila, Emilia, Mia and Lily became Presenters/Reporters.
Students learnt on the spot to use professional cameras, organise the set, record a video and edit it. The “Big Ideas” were discussed on camera by the presenters and invited teachers –Mrs Evangelou, Mrs Richman, and Mr Adegun.
After working in four studio teams to create their promo, the students gathered for a final screening of their work.
Sky Academy Studios, with their cutting-edge intuitive technology, bespoke TV studios and talented professional studio staff, proved once more to be a springboard for opening students’ minds and unlocking creativity.

The produced video went through the post-production process and now is available online: