Art with Mrs Richman

This  has  been  a  fabulous  term  and we are very  proud of  the  students

Since taking  over  the  Art Department  in  September, I  am  happy to  say  that  we  have many  creative and artistic  young  students  in  the  making.  The  senior's have  explored  colour  and  different  mediums  in Expressionism  and Cubism  with clarity and genuine  thought.  They  have  produced  some excellent  work  and I  look  forward  to  seeing  what comes  out of  their  budding  artistic  minds  next  term. Last  but not  least,  the  Yr  10  GCSE  students  have come  shining  through.  This  is  a  hard  working  group and they  have  all  completed  their  first full  sketch book  and  a  final piece  to  go  with it. Their  ideas  on Natural  Forms  have  been  interesting  and  very different  from  each  other. I am  entranced  with this of  work  and look  forward  to  the  Spring Term when  we  will  be  covering  the  subject  of Illusions  and Surrealism. Now  that  will  be interesting !