Holiday Homework

Dear Parents,

Holiday homework for Easter break for all groups can be found here.


Please note that homework (if any) for some subjects was given to students in class.

Please also note that some homework may appear here later, so please, kindly keep checking this page even if you do not see the homework for your child at the moment.


Year 10 English 

Year 10 History (1) 

Year 10 History (2) - Cold War

Year 10 Art GCSE

Year 7-8 A&B ICT/Computing

Year 9 ICT/Computing

Year 10 ICT/Computing

Year 8-B History

Year 8-A History

Year 9 History

Year 7-8 A Science

Year 7-8 B Science

Year 9-10 Science

Year 11 Science

Year 7-8 French

Year 9-10-11 French

Year 7-8-9 English

Year 7-8 Geography